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Accounting firms

Chartered accountants can be certified …or not!!! We advise you French-speaking professionals. Not keeping accounts is like everywhere in the world, going to disaster.
A first appointment with the accountant will allow you to appreciate the simplicity of the American system, for payroll, taxes or duties. Far from the 243 taxes and 40 lines on a simple payroll, here it's simple and efficient!!!

Complete and personalized service offers for French or French-speaking individuals and companies wishing to invest and succeed in the USA!



Patrick Vivies est expert comptable américain francophone installé près de Miami depuis 1983 et dispose d’une expérience reconnue des lois et de la fiscalité américaine. De plus, sa pratique de l’expertise comptable et de la gestion financière en font un excellent analyste du marché américain.
Jean-David Ganem est expert comptable américain francophone arrive aux Etats-Unis il y a plus de dix-sept ans. Diplome d’une université française et américaine et titulaire d’un Masters en comptabilité, sa double culture lui permet de comprendre au mieux vos attentes et de vous diriger vers les meilleures options fiscales.

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Suite 285-S,
Hollywood, FL 33021



JADE FIDUCIAL has two offices in Paris and fourteen offices in the United States distributed between the East coast and the West coast and more particularly in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Palo Alto , Porto Rico,
San Francisco et Washington.

990 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 701
Miami, FL 33132

Banks and Financial Institutions

Lots of gossip about banks or credit companies. Banks can open bank accounts for any newcomer, and deposits or transfers of (clean) money can be done easily. In Florida, the banking system as in all the USA is very simple, your money is your money…. you can change banks if you like and you can make (reckless) expenses without anyone asking you for an explanation….
Real estate loans are possible even if you do not yet have American income, prepare your files showing your French income or elsewhere. Some banks have processes in place and act as partners with their customers.


Insurers, health, real estate or car

Shop around, in other words compare. Online you will find all the information on car insurance. For health, the file is important and deserves the advice of a specialist.

Business and Franchising

Many people dream of starting a business and being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, it's hard to stay profitable, and many new businesses fail. Instead of betting their hard-earned cash on a startup, some budding entrepreneurs buy an already thriving business or open a franchise. Buying an established business is less risky, as it has proven to be profitable.
Need a little help crossing the finish line with tips on how to finish? French-speaking lawyers and accountants will help you.


Business and Franchising