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The time has come to turn the page on this special year. After a long difficult period, the best is yet to come. I sincerely hope so.

Today, no one should give in to gloom and add anxiety to an already particularly stressful situation.
We offer you, thanks to our site,, a real consultation with Floridian companies in all areas. A clear site presenting the potentialities available to Florida as well as the existing investment opportunities. A wealth of up-to-date information to optimize contacts and investigations.

You are looking to gain visibility, improve your image, seduce your audience, the site meets your expectations. Much more than a simple platform, this site is accompanied by a solid strategy but also experiences to live and share. Miami as well as the rest of Florida is a dream. The sun, the beach but also business opportunities.
Tourism or immigration, the site answers all your questions.

When we talk about Florida, we usually think of Miami, its beaches under the coconut trees and its sun. Apart from the landscapes and the paradisiacal beaches, Florida could surprise you by the multitude of curiosities and interests which are to be discovered. Florida, a 700 kilometer peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico will amaze you!!!!


The USA welcomes you with pleasure if you follow the "rules", the rules... No blah blah blah, each step is important, the visa, the purchase of real estate, the driver's license, your social security, the children's school, your worship etc etc.

American life is very different from assistantship and French complications, you have to love the country, follow its rules and not be stubborn in wanting to live “like in France”, some have left…. by dint of wanting to teach everything to Americans!!!

To have gone through all these circuits, we have selected French speakers whose professional qualities we know, and we will put you in touch with them according to your needs.

Nos conseils

1 > Make all the contacts and go to the first free information meeting.

2 >Do not sell anything and do not move without obtaining a visa.

3 > Systematically apply to the American lottery for the green card: here is the link which will inform you and which is very easy to use.

4 > Learning English will be the fourth tip, it is imperative at least the minimum necessary. Language schools are numerous.

5 > Do not listen to anyone, and especially not those who offer you good deals...


New builds

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Missoni Baia

District 225, Miami

Aurora, Sunny Isles Beach

The real estate market, trends

It would be necessary to know how to read in a crystal ball to be on the trend of the market for the months to come….
Houses have gained between 15 and 20%, which is dizzying especially for a somewhat stressful period. People from the North, New York, California have accelerated demand but this period has passed and we will have to be attentive to variations in supply and demand.

Miami, rich and famous

Miami is a city internationally renowned for the quality of life it provides to its inhabitants, which is also why the number of stars per m2 is exploding.
Indeed, few cities in the United States rival Miami. Impossible to resist its microclimate combining sun and heat, as well as its azure blue ocean surmounting the vast expanses of white sand of these …
Miami is therefore a place highly coveted not only by stars, but also by anyone wishing to invest in real estate in order to live the famous “American Dream”.


Who says "celebrities" necessarily says "dream villa". Because yes, in Miami all madness is allowed! Many neighborhoods are surrounded by our stars, such as Miami Beach, Biscayne Bay, Stars Island, South Beach, La Gorce Island or even Coral Gables…

Are you now wondering if your favorite star is one of the villa owners in Miami, before you in turn let yourself be tempted by this dream life?

The rest of this article is written for you; find out who you might bump into by investing in one of Miami's different neighborhoods.

Reportage by Rafael Martins.

People célèbres

Miami is a city internationally renowned for the quality of life it provides to its inhabitants, which is also why the number of stars per m2 is exploding.


Impossible d’évoquer la Floride sans parler de Miami, « Porte des Amériques », qui abrite une très grande communauté latino et qui donne à cette ville une ambiance particulière.


Immigrer en Floride est relativement simple pour ceux qui veulent entreprendre. Les avocats spécialisés dans ce domaine vous recevrons gratuitement pour le premier rendez-vous.

real estate

Plusieurs fois la Floride s’est vu décerner le titre de meilleur état pour le secteur des affaires, ici tout va très vite, le secteur immobilier touché par une crise sans précédent en 2009 redémarre avec panache.